Why Corporate Outplacement?

Are you the decision maker who wants to offer your employees a meaningful career transition alternative while still remaining within your budget?

  • Our experience routinely demonstrates that organizations recognized among the best workplaces provide outplacement services as a HR best practice.
  • These employers point to: 1) the relatively small investment of outplacement services as a sound business practice, and 2) the goodwill created positively impacts current employees and the organization’s reputation within the industry and community.
  • Caring for employees into their future is a socially conscious action that eases the dilemma and stress of releasing employees no matter the reason or situation.

In Outplacement Services It’s Quality, Not Quantity

Your affected employees have varied professional levels, future interests and self-awareness of their situation. If outplacement is part of your severance package, why would you pay for a standardized approach instead of a customized transition plan?

A Wall Street Journal article, Outplacement Firms Struggle to Do the Job, states that high-volume outplacement providers “…increasingly offer standardized services, which some workers say offer little value.” It continues, “Some industry participants, too, are troubled by mass-produced résumés, canned job advice and slipshod counseling.”

These concerns over the quality of outplacement services are the reasons why Synko Associates offers a career-transition coaching approach with a unique dedication to each company and client we serve.

With decades of corporate Human Resources and Outplacement experience, Synko Associates’ coaches provide highly professional and competitively priced service combined with personalized dedication.

Again and again, we hear testimonials from our clients and their former employers that the total quality experience provided by Synko Associates exceeds expectations.

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Synko Associates is the definition of top notch and compassionate professionals. The career transition service they provided would not have been possible without their creative and flexible approaches. I highly recommend the Synko team as an ethical professional services firm.
— Dennis P. Blanchette, President & CEO for Ensure Technologies
As a communications professional I have worked with several outstanding writers. As my career made a transition, I honestly did not expect to find the level of professional communications skills I did in a career coaching firm. Nick Synko is an innovative career coach and professional writer who expertly helped me manage and optimize the process of my transition. As a communications professional myself, to partner with someone of Nick’s level of expertise once again proved that we all get better at what we do when working as a team.
— Tom Kochheiser, Director of Communications at The Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools, Central Michigan University
Nick is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with: he’s great in capturing what is relevant for the task at hands and then to push you both in the details to execute and to think about an alternative plan, using a more creative approach. His well-tested approach to unearthing your hidden talents is structured but flexible. Finally, Nick’s personality is the spark of energy and humanity that makes working with him a productive and a very enjoyable experience. Definitively, I recommend working with Nick.
— Alberto Elli, CEO
From an HR Manager Who Recently Used our Career Transition Coaching
(She sent this note to her former employer)

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how things are going with Synko Associates. I’ve been working primarily with Nick, and periodically with additional support from their other coaches. It’s truly been an eye-opening and inspiring process. I’m feeling so much more positive about finding something suitable so I can move forward. Nick is very hands-on and the process has been painless - even fun.

At one former employer where we did massive layoffs, we contracted with a well-known outplacement firm for our employees’ outplacement services. I can honestly say Synko Associates is head-and-shoulders above that other firm - there’s no comparison. When I visited the other company’s office before we contracted with them, I was really disappointed in the quality of the experience our folks would have with them. It was a bleak, cattle-call atmosphere where everyone was treated the same and pushed through “the process” without regard to whether our former employees actually were successful in finding meaningful work at the end of the process. The company had simply “checked the box,” if you know what I mean.

By contrast, the atmosphere at Synko Associates is warm and inviting, feels safe and positive. Their services are worth every penny directly to me and indirectly, I am certain, to others in former employee goodwill. I’ve told many people how well I have been treated. I hope you continue the relationship with Synko Associates because it was someone’s brilliant decision to use them.
— Lyn Welch, HR & Organization Development Masters Program at Eastern Michigan University, and HR Manager