Wondering What Your Next Step Will Be?

For over twenty years, Synko Associates has helped recent graduates find that critical, career-launching first step into the job market. Whether you are interested in starting your career, or applying to graduate school, Synko Associates offers personal coaching to help you decide on a path that is right for you.

Together we will:

  • Create a highly professional resume and cover letter that sets you apart
  • Find definitive answers to your questions and quickly move beyond the myriad of well-intended but misinformed advice friends and family are offering
  • Implement a “real” marketing plan instead of spending endless days on internet job boards
  • Determine if graduate school is the right next step
  • Optimize applications and prepare for interviews

Our Customized Coaching Plan Moves You Beyond The Commonplace & Quick Advice That You and Everyone Else Is Receiving From The Career Placement Office.

I can say with great confidence that had I not used Synko Associates’ services, I would not have been offered my dream job. Prior to working with them I had had 4 interviews for full-time actuarial positions and had not received a single offer. However, after just a few sessions of working on my interviewing skills, I received an offer after my first subsequent interview! Through very personalized and deliberate attention, they helped me realize my strengths as an employee and how to demonstrate them effectively in an interview. Since accepting my offer, I have continued to meet with Synko Associates to ensure I hit the ground running at my new position, and I am confident that their advice will pay off enormously. They are great people that have become true friends, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking career advice.
— Connor Tremper
For someone who used to be involved in sports I know the difference between a good coach and a bad one. Nick was the best coach. In the short amount of time I had with him he was able to help me discover what I needed to do in order to get my career back on track. I recommend Nick and Synko Associates to anyone who is in need of a little “coaching”. Thank you for everything Nick!
— Michelle Elliott
Having little experience straight out of college, Nick helped me to match my skills to the need of the employer and articulate those skills in ways that really helped me stand out in the interviewing process. I cannot say enough about how Synko Associates cares about their clients. Top notch!
— Ryan Salata
Working with Synko Associates was a blessing. Nick showed me a whole new way to approach a job search by integrating the professional and personal aspects of who I am today into my decisions. Synko Associates introduced a wealth of advice that I could put to use immediately in my job search. Nick and his team became a strong support system throughout my entire transition.
— Jim Johnston
Nick was able to take what had been a very bland, generalized resume, and help me to pull out the hidden gems that were inside it. He has a multifaceted approach to the job hunt that brings out the best in every aspect within you. With his knowledge and encouragement, he kept me on track and helped me to find not just my next job, but a new career.
— Patrick Brown