A Greatly Improved Chance of Career Transition Success


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  • Determine the job or career that best fits you and your life

  • Prepare yourself for today’s highly competitive employment market

  • Package saleable strengths, write cover letters and resumes that move you from tell to sell

  • Prepare and practice for interviews

  • Develop networks that produce interviews and job offers

If now is the time to get it right… if going it alone isn’t in your best interest… the 100+ Tips process ensures a greatly improved chance of career transition success.

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I want you to know that as we have been advancing in our sessions, I have become more and more focused resulting in a very high level of productivity. This, in no small part, is due to the excellent exercises in the 100+ Tips workbook. The tips are practical, to the point and in a format that is visually attractive and easy to read.
Thank you,
— Cristina Lamadriz
100+ is well worth the investment, 100 times over.
— Vincent McDermott