Are Your Interviews Producing Job Offers?

Together we will:

  • Build a highly competitive, unique resume and cover letter
  • Develop your professional and personal messages to optimize interviews
  • Design a personal marketing plan that turns interviews into job offers

Our customized coaching plan moves you beyond the commonplace and quick advice that you and everyone else is receiving from your career placement office.

Are You In The Right Major?

We will help you identify practical career options before you invest even more money in an education that may no longer fit your interests.

Is It Time To Explore Productive Options? Today?

Colleges and universities often lack the resources to offer individualized attention and support for an extended period of time to help you develop and implement a strategy to reach your career goals. At Synko Associates, you’ll work with one coach who will professionally guide you through the entire process.

We provide:

  • Unbiased career discernment without a hidden agenda
  • Interview practice for internships, post graduate jobs or grad school
  • Proven methods for using networking, LinkedIn and other social media to your advantage

We’re not therapists, not life coaches, not counselors… we are successful, professional career coaches with real-world experience who focus exclusively on career issues.

After Investing Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Your Education, Doesn’t It Make Sense To Invest In Coaching to Launch Your Career?

Synko Associates’ coaching team helped me express the endless thoughts that were circulating around-and-around in my head. I found I had to verbalize my thoughts out loud. Hearing myself talk it through brought clarity and helped me achieve real progress.
— Dave Costanza
Nick is like all great coaches, he sees the hidden potential and then he makes you work to develop that potential into far more than you ever thought possible.
— Wil Mefford
As a medical school applicant, I was more nervous about the interview than the Medical School Admission Test itself! I needed direction and confidence. That is exactly what I got from Synko Associates. Their team of professional career coaches, who were dedicated to my success, gave me clarity of thought, the practice and the confidence I needed to nail the interview. I directly attribute my acceptance to Wayne State University School of Medicine to the outstanding interview preparation I received from Synko Associates. There was no possible way I could have done it without them. They knew how to bring out the best in me as a candidate. Thank you for everything!
— Andrew Petraszko, University of Michigan Graduate, Wayne State University – Medical School Student
Thank you for all your help in preparing me for my pharmacy school interview. I am happy to inform you that I was accepted into the PharmD program. Synko Associates gave me the confidence to show my true self to the interviewers, drew out the stories in my life that best answered all questions and made me memorable to the interviewers.
— Joseph Miekstyn, University of Toledo – School of Pharmacy