Ann Arbor Career Coaching Team… Helps Job Seekers In Transition

Synko Associates developed an approach to career coaching that not only builds practical skills such as resume writing, interview preparation and networking, but also helps clients find work they love. On the technical side, “we help people figure out what they’re not hearing” from fruitless interviews, explained Nick, “and give them that sharper edge.”
Then they take the process a step further. “Everyone has that essence,” Cathy said, “that sense of purpose and fulfillment—what helps you find peace.” While other career firms might focus only on concrete skills, Synko Associates also includes a process of “self-awareness, of finding your true authentic self… no computerized test can do this alone,” Nick said.

So when it comes time for the interview, Synko’s clients can speak authentically about their unique skills, abilities, natural talents and passion for a particular job. As Nick Synko summarized, “nothing sells in an interview like authenticity.”

For Amber Cerveny, who had been seeking employment for several months, the Synkos’ services came highly recommended by friends. Skeptical at first, she talked to Nick about her quest to find “not just a job, but something I love, what I’m good at. . . what I really enjoy.”

In their one day session, Nick “asked all the right questions.” He helped her move beyond the worries and fears of unemployment and “focus on what makes me tick.”

At the end of the day, Ceverny still had lots of work to do, but “whole thought process had changed.” She felt like she was moving in a clear direction, and through some new connections, more has happened in the last five days than in five months of job seeking. “I have new hope,” Ceverny said.
— Pam Stout -

Laid Off – Again

Some people who are stuck need to determine whether their careers are viable long term, says Nick Synko, Principal Partner of Synko Associates, LLC in Ann Arbor. They also need to determine their “core competencies” and what matters most to them about work – “what do I want to do now that I’m grown up,” as he puts it. Some need to relocate, and he suggests they pick a place that is “an epicenter for their field.”
— Vickie Elmer - Ann Arbor Observer

A Leap Of Real Faith For One Ex-Executive

Career counselor Nick Synko talks about “The blessing of a mid-life career crisis.” He should know. After working his way onto the corporate fast track as a human resources executive, the Saline resident took a leap of faith to launch his own firm developing workshops and seminars… and individual coaching processes to help people making career transitions that align their work and lives. Synko’s story has some realistic advice for others facing the leap of faith that comes with a career change. “The oasis is always on the other side of the desert,” he warns. “Get ready to pay your dues. Even if it starts out well, you’re going to go through your ups and downs.” He also counsels career-changers to have a vision of success. “You have got to see yourself there before you get there,” he says. “Find out who you are, and make sure that it’s not somebody else’s dream — that it really is what you’re supposed to do.”
— Brian J. O’Connor - The Detroit News

Career In Coaching

After a 20-year corporate career, Nick Synko decided it was time to become his own boss and began Synko Associates, a career counseling business, with his wife, Cathy. That was in January 1992, and he says he’s neither looked back nor been happier in a career where he helps other people find a job that provides as much personal fulfillment as the one he has entered.

Their goal is to help people find a career that means more to them than just bringing home a paycheck. Whether it’s the return-to-work mom or the corporate vice president who is looking for something more fulfilling in a career, the Synkos are there to help people with that pursuit. “It’s about energy, attitude and skill sets,” he says of landing a job. It’s about how a person presents himself or herself. “You have to figure out who you are, what makes you unique among the qualified applicants,” Cathy Synko says. “We begin everything we do by listening to you. Clients hit the streets prepared with a plan for success that includes personalized marketing materials that will save time and expense. With commitment, mission and purpose, people can find their way to a career that makes each day an adventure worth pursuing.”
Just ask the Synkos.
— Lisa Allmendinger - Ann Arbor Journal
Mr. Synko’s in-depth knowledge of his subject and his personal experiences commanded our attention. He showed a personal perspective that opened our minds to numerous action items regarding our careers. We strongly recommend Mr. Synko as a presenter; he is dynamic and has such extensive expertise about career coaching and counseling that anyone is sure to benefit from his presentations.
— The Executive Committee - Michigan SAS Users Group